Lite & Residential Elevators

LiftingItalia’s InDomo lite elevators for residential homes and disability access in commercial buildings are available in New Zealand from McGrath Industries

Lite elevators are a lower duty category of passenger lift appropriate for residential homes and disability access in public spaces.

Compared to commercial elevators, the lift car construction is light and compact which minimizes the lift shaft size. The operating speed is lower and power consumption economical. The maximum load capacity and floor area are typically appropriate for up to 5 people or a wheelchair user with an attendant. Doors may be manually operated or powered similar to a commercial elevator.

Utilising a lite elevator in a commercial or public environment can be an economical solution if the building design naturally channels most people to use the stairs while the elevator provides access specifically for those with disabilities.

For lite elevator installations McGrath Industries works with LiftingItalia who produce the InDomo and IconLift homelifts:


InDomo is a stylish and functional elevator that can be installed internally or attached to the exterior of an exiting building. The InDomo is appropriate for homes and disability access. StairFit is a reduced car size InDomo, custom built for tight spaces. For detailed product information please download LiftingItalia’s InDomo catalogue.


IconLift is a premium residential elevator that incorporates opulent car and lift shaft design and finishes with the highest level of technical sophistication. IconLift is the architect’s choice for the most elegant of homes. For detailed product information please download LiftingItalia’s IconLift catalogue.

InDomo Homelift Gallery

IconLift Homelift Gallery