Freight Hoist Mast Lifts

Freight Hoist Mast Lifts are an economical mechanism to move heavy freight across split levels and between floors.

Animation of a small Freight Hoist Mast Lift operating across split levels, produced by McGrath Industries in New Zealand

A Mast Lift is a partially self supporting structure attached to a wall for stability. For the platform to be level with the floor when fully lowered, the base is mounted in a swallow pit. Alternatively the Mast Lift can just sit on the floor slab if fork-lifts place pallets onto the platform, or a low incline ramp can be installed for pallet trolley access.

For safe operation, split level installations may incorporate a lift enclosure or alternatively; handrails with interlocked gates, foot shear safety bar and roller blinds to obstruct ingress under the platform.

Between-floor installations typically require a lift shaft. However in some installations, such as ground floor to mezzanine, a lift enclosure can be supplied attached to the mast structure forming an integral unit that requires minimal site preparation.

Basic freight hoists configured for goods only are the most economical but onboard controls and elevator safety mechanisms can be fitted to allow staff to ride with the load.

For more information please download McGrath Industries’ Freight Hoist Mast Lift brochure.

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