Freight Hoist Scissor Lifts

Freight Hoist Scissor Lifts are an economical mechanism for moving heavy freight between floors in warehouses, retail complexes and factories.

Example of a McGrath Industries Freight Hoist Scissor Lift in operation

And the cost savings extend into the building itself because the building does not support the hoist and payload. The Scissor Lift is a fully self supporting structure which carries all load directly back to the ground beneath.

The hoist operates in a typical lift shaft with interlocked doors for safe entry. The Scissor Lift’s platform can be accessible from any of the four sides at each level. Freight hoists can also be utilised as truck docks, allowing freight to be moved directly between the truck deck and the building level above.

Basic freight hoists configured for goods only are the most economical but onboard controls and elevator safety mechanisms can be fitted to allow staff to ride with the load.

For more information including standard models, please download McGrath Industries’ Freight Hoist Scissor Lift brochure.

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