Disability Access Platforms

AreaLift’s DomoStep platform lifts are available from McGrath Industries in NZ for disability access in commercial settings and residential homes

Platform lifts provide disability access between split levels up to one storey high.

A platform lift is a simplified elevator comprising of just a vertically moving floor without the walls and ceiling of an enclosed lift car.

Platform lifts operating between split levels usually do not require a lift shaft enclosure. Interlocked barriers or gates prevent people accidentally stepping into the platform area from above, while pressure sensing prevents a crush hazard beneath the platform. A fully or partially enclosed lift shaft, similar to a conventional elevator, is typically required for platforms that travel more than 1.5 metres. Platform lifts can be installed indoors or outside the building.

McGrath Industries works with AreaLift who produce a complete range of platform lifts suitable for any type of installation:

DomoStep, EasyPlat, and MiniPocket

For disability access across split levels AreaLift’s DomoStep, EasyPlat and MiniPocket range provides the solution. For detailed information about these products please download AreaLift’s Accessibility catalogue.


For disability access between two floors requiring a partial or fully enclosed lift shaft, AreaLift’s DomoFlex is the appropriate platform lift. For detailed product information please download AreaLift’s DomoFlex catalogue.

DomoStep, EasyPlat and MiniPocket Gallery

DomoFlex Gallery