Elevating Ferry Docks

An Elevating Ferry Dock is a passenger embarkation platform that mechanically adjusts height relative to docking ferries allowing a wide variety of vessels to use the same berth.

Animation of an Elevating Ferry Dock by McGrath Industries at the Birkenhead on Auckland harbor

A typical pontoon platform is limited to one class of vessel with a common passenger deck height above the water line, otherwise gangways can’t be kept horizontal for ease of passenger movement including efficient disabled access. Ideally an assortment of passenger vessels should be able to use the same berth. The solution is to install a platform that is raised or lowered to match the deck height of each ferry as it docks.

A simple suspended pendant control allows the crew of the ferry to manually adjust the platform height before running out the ship’s gangway to disembark passengers. Alternatively the platform height could be adjusted remotely from a dock control room or the ferry’s bridge, stopping at heights predefined for the range of vessels utilising the berth. When not in use, automated sensing raises the platform to prevent submersion by a rising tide.

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