Maintenance & Refurbishment

McGrath Industries provides mechanical, hydraulic and electrical maintenance services for machinery in New Zealand

McGrath Industries provides a level of maintenance service that is only available from a truly multifaceted engineering organization.

Across New Zealand we maintain elevators, lift equipment and specialized mechanical handling plant. We support our own products and we can support equipment provided by other suppliers too.

Comprehensive Support of both Contemporary and Legacy Installations

McGrath Industries has resources that go well beyond those of most maintenance operations. We have the highest level of expertise in mechanical engineering, hydraulic systems, electrical and control. For established clients we provide breakdown service plus preventative maintenance programs that produce measurable savings in both operational efficiency and long term costs.

Refurbishment of Legacy Machinery

If you have old equipment that needs upgrading, don’t buy new until you’ve talked to us about the potential for refurbishment. Frequently legacy machinery can be refurbished to operate as new for much less than the replacement cost. We can analyze mechanical issues, source new parts and reverse engineer parts that are no longer available. And we can analyze hydraulic and electrical subsystems to modify or replace them with current technology. With elevator refurbishment, we can also upgrade the lift car and landing doors giving it the appearance of a brand new installation.

For more information, contact the experts at McGrath Industries.