Elevating Theatre Stages

Animation of the large Elevating Theatre Stage by McGrath Industries at the Civic Theatre in Auckland NZ

Elevating Theatre Stages are large hoist systems that adjust performance and auditorium space by adding or removing stage area.

When fully raised the Elevating Stage becomes a seamless extension of the main stage out into the auditorium. When lowered, the Elevating Stage may form additional auditorium floor area, allowing more seating to be added in front of the main stage. When lowered further it can create an orchestra pit. Some venues also utilise their Elevating Stage as a freight hoist to transport props, seating and other equipment from storage beneath the main stage.

The hoist system may utilise multiple fixed stops to lock it at operational levels. Alternatively, the stop mechanism can be infinitely adjustable, allowing the Elevating Stage to be locked for operation at any height.

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