Commercial Elevators

Examples of Axel and Gruppo Millepani Commercial Elevators available from McGrath Industries in New Zealand

Passenger and service elevators for low to medium rise buildings with a maximum vertical travel of 36 meters.

Passenger elevators and service elevators are governed by the same codes in New Zealand. Both classes of lift are suitable for use by the general public. Passenger elevators are characterized by a floor area sized to provide comfortable standing room for the typical number of occupants. Service elevators have their floor area sized to accommodate the type of goods carried plus at least one staff member, and may include freight specific features like increased load capacity, utility finishes, wall protection, trolley guide rails and additional controls features.

A passenger elevator can be a simple functional item or it may be a significant component of the building’s architectural design. Building features include the shape, location and construction of the elevator and lift shaft. Additionally, the interior wall panels, ceiling panels, lighting, floor, trims and controls are all important decor choices that highlight or mitigate the elevator’s presence within the building environment.

For commercial elevator installations McGrath Industries works with two European elevator companies:


Axel provides us with a comprehensive range of functional and elegantly designed elevator models that include optional and customizable features. For detailed product information please download Axel’s elevator catalogue.

Gruppo Millepiani

The ultimate in elevator design and build solutions. If your building design will benefit from an elevator installation that is an architectural centrepiece, we can work with Gruppo Millepiani to turn your novel idea into a operational reality. For examples of sophisticated and unique elevator installations, please download Gruppo Millepiani’s photo album.

Axel Commercial Elevator Gallery

Gruppo Millepiani Commercial Elevator Gallery